The Various Benefits of Coffee

For many people, coffee has become their day-to-day consumption and a few of them consume several cups of coffee per day. While some parties argue that coffee brings about adverse impacts, however, in reality many researches prove otherwise. Coffee is found capable of generating various benefits for health. Regular coffee consumption in the morning will boost energy and build robust body. Nonetheless, coffee must be consumed in appropriate way and at the right time. The best way is to consume coffee without sweetener of any kind. The impact to health will enhance if coffee is consumed in its pure form or otherwise added with palm sugar and served in warm. The most ideal time to consume coffee is in the morning, around 10.00 am when the cortisol hormone of human body starts to decline. Another benefit of consuming coffee is its effect that will make you always in vigorous condition during performing your activities. In addition, the caffeine content of coffee will cause you wide-awake amid your intensive jobs. The researchers also found that individuals who consumed pure coffee routinely for 4 consecutive years will have 11% lower heart attack risk. They also revealed that routine and regular coffee consumption would give a lot of advantages for health, both physically and psychologically. It is worthwhile noting here that coffee is an antioxidant rich beverage, which is very effective in fighting various diseases inside the body. Coffee is also known as a beverage with the best nutrition, which is very beneficial for brain health. Some advantages of consuming coffee can be further depicted below:

1. Preventing Gallstones Disease

Harvard’s researchers in 2002 identified that women who consumed at least four cups of coffee per day had 25% lower gallstone disease risk. The previous study indicated similar results for men.

2. Reducing Diabetes Risk

Research shows that coffee lovers had diabetes type 2 risk 23-50% lower than non-coffee consumers. It is down to the effects of compound in coffee that will prevent hlAPP, polypeptide from producing abnormal protein fibers as found in diabetes type 2 patients.

3. Protecting Liver

Coffee consumers will have lower risk of liver cirrhosis attack than those of non-coffee consumers.  Individuals to drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day have 80% lower cirrhosis attack risk.

4. Reducing Cancer Risk

Coffee consumption has been correlated with the declining risks of breast cancer, endometrium, prostate and liver cancer, and obese persons, estrogen and insulin. A study in 2008 conducted in Sweden found that consuming two or three cups of coffee could suspend breast cancer propagation. Coffee is also able to decrease prostate cancer risk.

5. Improving Body Metabolism

Coffee can maintain or decrease your weight. Caffeine content in coffee will stimulate body metabolism of individuals with normal weight. For obese persons, coffee can increase fat oxidation process.

6. Preventing Depression

Harvard research in 2001 indicated that individuals who consumed routinely four cups of coffee would have lower depression risk.

7. Enhancing Memory

Coffee can improve memory both for long-term or short-term. It is because caffeine content in coffee will push the brains to work and produce “stimulant” effect. The latter will propel energy and enhance the mood and brain functions.

8. Decreasing Parkinson Attack Risk

“Journal of American Medical Association” in 2000 found that caffeine and coffee consumption would decline the risk of Parkinson attack. A study also indicated that drinking two or three cups of coffee per day would decrease the likelihood of Parkinson attack by 25%.

9. Containing High Antioxidants

Coffee contains antioxidants in enormous quantity. The research showed that we could get more antioxidants from coffee than from vegetables and fruits. Coffee may be the healthiest beverage in this earth.

10. Improving Physical Performance

The advantage of coffee before exercise is evident in terms of endurance, stop-and-go moment and during long-term high intensity activities. This effect will assist athletes to perform better in their physical training, event when he/she is lack of sleeping provided that the coffee is consumed one hour before at dose 4 mg for every kilogram of weight. Caffeine will also increase adrenaline in blood. Adrenaline will make our body ready to take intense activities. Caffeine forces fat cells to burn body fat for release to blood as energy. In light of that, caffeine can improve physical performance until 11-12% on average. While coffee consumption is healthy and beneficial for physics and psychology, many experts suggest of not consuming coffee excessively. Coffee must be consumed in proper and appropriate manner. To get its various benefits for health and in abating various disease risks, coffee should be consumed without any sweetener. It is healthier if coffee is consumed in pure form or added with palm sugar and served in warm. Last but not least, don’t consume coffee with empty stomach. This is particularly true for those who have gastric pain history.